August 19, 2008


Some favorite things about Elena:
1. She always has to be pretend to be an animal and once she is that animal, she does not break character for any reason.
2. She is still learning her tenses so she will say things like, "What did you said?" "Nonnie's got a stars in hers bedroom." "You gots a treat?"
3. She is so dang smart...she already knows all the letters and sounds in the alphabet.

Some favorite things about Jonah:
1. When he smiles he only shows his bottom teeth and it always looks mischievous.
2. He "fires" everyone and everything around him constantly.
3. He loves to share his gross, slobbered, germy food.

Some favorite things about Joseph:
1. He just walks around giggling to himself all day long.
2. He is so very cuddly and has the sweetest disposition you've ever seen.
3. He laughs like a fat lady.

My favorite things about being an aunt:
1. Elena
2. Jonah
3. Joseph

August 3, 2008

Tough Critics

I think one the most entertaining things to do is to go back and watch shows/movies you used to as a little kid.

First of all, the shows almost always have dirty parts that you never caught onto. "Look Who's Talking" was one of my favorite shows when I was little. The beginning of the video it is basically a sexual education course. Another one my cousins and I liked was "Sleeping With the Enemy"...that name in and of itself is enough of an example right?

Secondly, they always have some actor/actress that you thought was a total babe. A.C. Slater, Jesse, Rebecca, and DJ Tanner, Topanga, Kevin Bacon, and David Bowie are all great examples.

And finally, they are always, always terrible movies. Some good examples ones we loved as kids are: Flight of the Navigator, All Dogs Go to Heaven, The Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, On Our Own, Watcher in the Woods, Indian in the Cupboard, and the list goes on and on.
If you want a good trip down memory lane, view this video of David Bowie in all his glory!