January 29, 2010

Tonight Devin and I saw two birds flying around WalMart,
eating garbage off the floor.

I could not even control myself,
jumping up and down screaming in excitement.

As if I didn't already think WalMart was the trashiest place ever...

Thank you for always outdoing yourself WalMart, thank you!

January 26, 2010

Causes to Celebrate

We celebrated our two month anniversary last week.
Although it is not a very monumental mark, we like to find any reason to have a special celebration to ease the sadness of winter semester.

In the last two months we have:

started our first tradition: 10-dollar-date-nights

watched 2 seasons of Flight of the Concords, 2 seasons of 30Rock, and 1 season of Lost
through which we discovered that cuddling while we veg after a long day apart is...magical

taught Dev the differences between lite, regular, and super

learned that he is a responsible, homework doing student and I am...not

shared our first Christmas

each grown some *love* handles

been told I was beautiful, the "best wife ever", and loved 456 times *each*

fought about the toilet seat lid being put down

learned that girls are emotionally crazy

played hide-and-go-seek twice
*before we ran out of places to hide*

learned that he is the more adoring, selfless, thoughtful, sweetest, sexiest hubby.

It's been the best two months of my life,
which seems a great cause for celebration to me.

January 10, 2010

Dear Friends,

I got to spend Christmas morning, have my new years kiss, and enjoy every minute of my Christmas vacation with my best friend.

I hope your Christmas was just as overwhelmingly happy.


The Hansens