November 4, 2012

Photo Dump Update

From week 6-14 of my pregnancy I lived off of cold cereal. I have had my appetite back since and have appreciated it greatly for food like this. This is from a fun little date Dev and I went on to Pizza Limone that rocked our world. 
School is going great. Teaching in the first trimester of my pregnancy was really hard. I was soooo exhausted and those cute little 1st graders are so STINKY! They got very used to the sight of me dry heaving in the trash can. Now I feel great and get to have so much fun with my little ones. 
We found out the gender early at 16 weeks so when they told us it was a boy they said they were "pretty sure".
So when we went in for our official 20 week ultra sound we were a little nervous that we might find out it wasn't a boy. The ultrasound tech turns on the ultrasound and this is the first sight we see. Ha ha...uh....yeah, we are pretty sure its a boy. 
Here we are at 16 weeks buying our first boy outfit. I am so excited for this little boy I can't even stand it. Going into the ultrasound I couldn't really picture myself having a boy because a girl just seemed more natural since I was a girl. But the second I found out it was a boy I couldn't even imagine having a girl. I am so so so so excited for this little guy.
Devin showed up with these on my "Happy 20 weeks!" day. He has been so amazing throughout this whole pregnancy, I have never loved or appreciated him more. During my really sick weeks I would come home from teaching to a spotless house and a cooked dinner  every day. For 7 weeks straight he did all the grocery shopping, cleaning and cooking. I love this man. He is going to raise such a kind, caring son. 
We got bored on Saturday and put up our tree. It's only a month early. That's only 30 days people. Stop judging. 
We went up to Snowbird for a weekend in September. It was gorgeous and a super fun.
Here I am currently at 22 weeks.
We went on a cruise to Mexico. It was super fun. Like super duper fun.
We were pretty excited about this whole thang.