June 19, 2011


We had a friend BBQ a few weekends ago. 
We grilled some steak, ate some jello and played some volleyball. 
I love summer!

June 11, 2011

Hello, Future.

Devin got a call this morning from the Dean of Admissions from the University of Utah asking him to come there this fall. 

He is officially U of U Law class of 2014! 

We were put on the waiting list, and that is what we have been doing ever since....waiting. Before today we have been living in limbo land, not knowing where we were going to be in a few months. I took a chance, getting a job in Jordan School District with the hope that we would be living in Salt Lake. Devin took a chance deferring to a school in Oregon for a year, with the hope that he would be going to school in Utah this year. 

We are so grateful that everything has worked out and we feel very blessed that our frustrating time in Limbo Land has paid off and our future has never looked better! 

June 7, 2011

Lady Luck

Off to San Diego to kiss these faces...

And I was in Arizona just last month kissing this face...

And I kiss this face in Utah every.single.day.

I am one lucky lady. 

June 3, 2011

Summer Reading

I just finished reading The Help. This book is breathtaking and takes such a beautiful approach to such sad history that happened not so long ago. It is so amazing though, I feel morally obligated to tell everyone I know to read it.
Read it. Seriously. Right now. Go.

I also finished reading The Maze Runner and it's sequel The Scorch Trials. They are very adventures books and very boyish, where at times I was a little weary of the "boy violence". But I am anxiously waiting the third and final book to come out in October. Overall, it is a good series.

White Cat and its sequel Red Glove were really fun reads. Exciting mystery element and a little scary with an interesting modern approach on a supernatural world. 

My next read that I am about start is The Time Travelers Wife. I have never been able to read a romance novel before, but this one seems to have enough element of excitement and no one is dying of cancer or looking for their long lost love 60 years later (gag), so hopefully I will be able to enjoy it.

My next book after this is The Book Thief.  
Any other summer reading suggestions? 

Also, I tried reading Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but didn't get far. I was sooo bored with all of the business talk for the first 100 pages and heard it is very "r-rated". 
Still debating whether I should try that one again. 
Any opinions on this one?