July 13, 2008

Oh, to be in Cali.

Of all the trips and adventures I go on, by far, my favorite one is my annual trip to California to see Kiersten, Elena, Jonah, and Babe (oh and he is such a babe). Its a glorious week of waking up at the crack of dawn, having to be the endless entertainment for the children, staying in a confined space for most of the day due to the lack of transportation, and watching gangsters (and an especially dangerous wanksta, [ie: white gangster] Stanley) terrorize the quad. So you might wonder, why is this my favorite vacation? Well, I know it doesn't sound glamorous, but it is simply the best for all of those reasons and more. I can't recall any other time I have that much endless fun and experience endless joy. And now, to make my favorite vacation even better, my sister Erin, brother-in-law Todd, and adorable baby Joseph now live minutes away from Kiersten, so I get to visit them as well! I couldn't be more excited!

A little taste of what I am so excited for...
My Babies....


Stanley Wanksta....

July 2, 2008

My Science Experiment

QUESTION: Is Lauren just a "dumb blonde"?


Location 1: Magleby's restaurant
Age: 14
When ordering my meal, the waitress asked the common question, "Would you like a soup or salad with your meal?"
Well, I heard: "Would you like a super salad with your meal?"

Waitress: "Would you like a soup or salad [super salad]?"
Me: "No, just a regular please."
Waitress: "Of the soup or salad [super salad]?"
Me: "Uh, no, I just want the regular one."
Waitress: "A regular soup or salad [super salad]?"
Me: "Does the meal come with a super salad?"
Waitress: "Uh, no. I am not sure what a "super salad" is.
As I stared at the waitress completely dumbstruck, Lindsey cleared the confusion by speaking very slowly as she acted out "sooouuuppp OR ssssaaaallllaaaadddd.....". I just wish she would've had finger puppets, it would have made the charade process go so much faster.

Location 2: Ms. Wynn's geography class
Age: 15
Our class was having a discussion about the guerrilla warfare happening in Guatemala at the time. She was telling us how they were attacking tourist buses and pulling people out of the buses and shooting them. I burst out in great distress, "You mean to tell me Gorilla's are killing people with guns? Where are they getting the guns? And since when are apes so vicious?"

Location 3: AP English class
Age: 18
We had just finished watching "An Inconvenient Truth" and were discussing it. I raised my hand and asked ponderfully, "What is Algore's first name?" The teacher responded, "Um, its Al." I shockingly replied, "His name is Al Algore????"

2 weeks later....

My teacher was talking about how "we", referring to the United States, are as close to Cuba as Highland is to Brigham City. I turned excitedly to my best friend and told her we should plan a road trip there if its that close....how come I never knew this before? When I got home that day and excitedly relayed the news to my older sister Erin, who was kind enough to inform me that "we" had in fact not meant Highland, Ut.


CONCLUSION: Lauren should probably just teach kindergarten or something.

July 1, 2008

Muy Bien

I recently I returned from a family vacation to Mexico. I personally think it was the best vacation the White family has ever had. We had a private beach for a week, I got endless playtime with my niece and nephews, and we were all together. It was pure bliss. Here are some highlights of the trip....

Even without a spouse, I still managed to have a good time.
Elena discovered that sand is not one of the basic food groups.
Joseph helped a lost man by pointing him towards the water.

For her birthday, Lindsey got two fist fulls of her very own sand.

After 19 years of being told I could never learn, Jonah taught me how to read.

All in all, it made me realize what an amazing family I have and made me love them even more!