March 25, 2010

Sometimes. . .

Utah Jazz Game

Las Vegas with our incredibly fun friends

First and *only* time doing the slots in honor of turning 21...won 3 dollars.

V-day with my hubby

St. George weekend getaway

. . .you just get lucky


It is stressful.

It is complicated.

It is one big game.

Texting the most meaningful words you should be expressing in person. Not saying what you think. Not asking what they think. Does boy like girl? Does girl like boy? Are you official? Are you serious? Like or love? Getting primped {showering}. Hiding your PMS. Pretending you like babies and animals and sports aren't interesting. Shaving. Manners at the dinner table.

Try dating with your spouse, for other couples.

Does he like his wife? Does his wife like his wife? Does her hubsand like his wife? Does his wife like her husband? Does her husband like her husband?

Do you get the point?

ps. it is shameful to admit I get a little excited to be back in the game?