December 18, 2009

My Female Cycle. . . {no, not that one}

{Time to start growing it out again}

December 6, 2009

getting thanked for every night during bedtime prayer
hearing I'm adorable when I've just woken up
5-minute-snooze-button-cuddle-sessions before getting up
love notes on the kitchen counter

They said it was gonna be good, but nobody warned me it would be this good.

Hunger Pains...

Can you blame my husband for being baby hungry already?

November 6, 2009

{Top Secret} Bridal Post

I didn't want to post these before the wedding, but since there are about 5 1/2 people that read my blog {and are the people who really care to see these anyway} I figured it wasn't a big deal.

Eat your heart out.

p.s. i'm getting married in two weeks. {insert lots [and lots] of excitement}

October 17, 2009

For B's birthday I took her to Ingrid Michaelson.
We are feeling excited.
Ingrid was, indescribable. We are feeling, well, indescribable.
We have to run through a dark, creep infested alley after the concert.
{mild exaggeration. i have to admit it now before B calls me out on it.
there will be another mild exaggeration at the end of the story. don't be mad}.
Okay, more like a poorly lit street, filled with weird people leaving the concert.
Regardless, we are feeling frightened
we are also feeling like running is the appropriate response

We are back in the car. Doors are locked. We are feeling safe.

{time out}

B. Why are we driving into oncoming traffic?

We are feeling like we wished we were running along the dangerous road again.
That was a better feeling.

*this is not an actual action shot. i had to fake it for the sake of the story

We are sitting in the middle of the intersection,
brights beaming on our advancing death sentence.
{mild exaggeration}
We just laugh

We are best friends.
lots of feelings attached to that.

September 30, 2009

In class we were assigned to read an article about a teacher and identify the improper practices she was using in her classroom. This teacher was making her 6th grade students memorize the Emancipation Proclamation, and if they missed or added one word they failed the assignment. As I was finished reading I said aloud to myself, "She's an idiot", in regards to this teacher. I said this at the very same time a girl in my class finished asking the professor how long the Emancipation Proclamation was.

Everyone heard me.
I'm now the girl that calls other classmates idiots.
No one asks questions in that class anymore.

My future as an educator is looking promising.

September 21, 2009

This is our final choice for the wedding announcement. Simple yet straight forward.
Do you like it?
(this is a joke by the way....a big joke!!!!)

September 20, 2009

One of my guilty pleasures is ANTM (America's Next Top Model, duh.)
After many years of watching with B, I came to the conclusion that modeling can't be that hard.
All you have to do is be natural.
Why couldn't all those eliminated models figure that out?

Well, my first official "photo shoot" was our engagements on saturday. . .

From the moment the camera pointed our direction, well, to put it gently, Devin and I were embarrassingly awkward. Oh, and absolutely horrible.

For you to truly understand what I am trying to describe I am going to have to show you some pictures.

After a few (or a lot, who remembers?) Dev and I finally started to get the hang of it....

September 18, 2009

the dream dress
hand made and tailored to perfection
every inch designed precisely from my vision
breathtaking silk and lace on sale
wedding gift from the labor
a fantasized wedding dress becoming my reality for $200

Happy Wedding, Happy Bride

August 27, 2009



August 26, 2009

Bryan Elizabeth Brown

B...if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't:

know how to fight. scratch that. know how to defend myself

appreciate p&p and gilbert the way every woman should

have such a passion for pranking

think of you fondly every time I hear jojo or black-eyed peas

understand the juvenile bliss of trampolines

always win in the "irresistible man, but really my sister" game with regs.

be such a kick-a roller skater

have passed the ap us test

deuce, deuce, baby, na na na na na na na na na na

be a true 80's child at heart

ANTM. enough said.

have been exposed to mother browns sexy britney dance

i lub you. for eva, for eva eva. thank you for always being my best.

August 21, 2009

The D(evin)L(auren)

This is the story of Devin and Lauren. Prepare to keep up folks, it's a long and complicated one.
It goes kinda like this:

We meet. . .

(clearly, we were both in pretty bad shape before we met each other)

We like each other (day 1, week 1)
We really like each other (week 2)
We love each other (week 3)We want to marry each other (week 3.5ish.....)
We go ring shopping (1.5 months)
We get engaged (2 months)
We're getting married. November 20th. SLC Temple 10:20 am.

I know you probably finished reading this story, feeling slightly nauseated and maybe even a little worried? I don't blame you. I, however, think it's the happiest, cutest story I've ever read. I think I'll go read it again.