November 26, 2011

Fall Fun!

So aside from all of the teaching and learning we do in my classroom, I also make sure that we do plenty of art! I think art is really important in the classroom and it is not done enough! Plus I just love it and so do the kids!

Here are some of the fun fall projects we did in the last few months! 

Halloween Pop-up Book

Ghost Plate. This little girl added hair and  a bow! So cute!
"In Alicia's witches brew there are gowst, spitrse, and ants. Would you like some?"
"Pumpkins: When you see me growing, my orange glowing in the sun, It's time to say bye to summer and hello to FALL fun!"
Tissue Paper Pumpkin
This one is my FAVORITE! Got the idea off Pintrest! 

Plate Turkeys! This one is sooo easy. All you need is paper plates and markers!

November 25, 2011

Two Years

We celebrated our 2 year last weekend. It was a perfect night of romance and laughter. 

First we went up to Salt Lake and ate dinner at The Melting Pot. This place is amazing! It is truly a dining experience and sooo delicious. We loved that it took over 2 hours for the whole 4 course meal. It gave us time to just talk and laugh in our own little private booth. 

After dinner we walked two blocks down the street to The Little America hotel where we spent the night. 
I love little get-aways like that! 

Devin got me this gorgeous watch...

AND he surprised me with tickets to WICKED for next August when it comes to SLC. 
I did very well for myself, if I do say so. 

I am so grateful for my sweet husband and for our happy marriage.

November 15, 2011

New Additions

There have been two recent additions to our family. Very cute additions, might I add.
William (Erin's 3rd)
Ruby Jeanne (Lindsey's 2nd)

Nieces and nephews are the beeeessst!