December 17, 2010


What do you want to be when you grow up?
I have wanted to be a teacher ever since I can remember.   
It was always just something I felt I could do well at and would enjoy doing.

But during my student teaching experience, 
the magnitude of it all overwhelmed me 
and the meaning of it became something so much greater.

For the rest of forever, 
there will be 

22 people in the world who can tell you how many syllables are in a word
22 people who were taught that being themselves is enough
22 people who can write question marks using the headline, waistline, and footline
22 people who felt appreciated upon bringing anything they could find on their bedroom floor for  show-and-tell
22 people who had their first memory of harvesting a pumpkin
22 people who cheered on their classmate while pulling out her front tooth
22 people who know the characteristics of the four changing seasons
22 people who felt loved and appreciated by someone everyday

...because of me.

I don't mean for this to sound prideful,
my intention is to express gratitude.
I am grateful to have found something I love,
a place where I impact lives,
and to feel this great sense of belonging.

I am grateful the place I belong is a crowded, germ-infested classroom covered in paper decorations where I sharpen pencils all day, zip up jackets, send teeth home in plastic baggies, sing songs about the week, use my chin to count syllables, draw smiley faces on student work, give birthdays the excitement they deserve...

I love these little people and I can't imagine any better place to belong.