November 4, 2012

Photo Dump Update

From week 6-14 of my pregnancy I lived off of cold cereal. I have had my appetite back since and have appreciated it greatly for food like this. This is from a fun little date Dev and I went on to Pizza Limone that rocked our world. 
School is going great. Teaching in the first trimester of my pregnancy was really hard. I was soooo exhausted and those cute little 1st graders are so STINKY! They got very used to the sight of me dry heaving in the trash can. Now I feel great and get to have so much fun with my little ones. 
We found out the gender early at 16 weeks so when they told us it was a boy they said they were "pretty sure".
So when we went in for our official 20 week ultra sound we were a little nervous that we might find out it wasn't a boy. The ultrasound tech turns on the ultrasound and this is the first sight we see. Ha ha...uh....yeah, we are pretty sure its a boy. 
Here we are at 16 weeks buying our first boy outfit. I am so excited for this little boy I can't even stand it. Going into the ultrasound I couldn't really picture myself having a boy because a girl just seemed more natural since I was a girl. But the second I found out it was a boy I couldn't even imagine having a girl. I am so so so so excited for this little guy.
Devin showed up with these on my "Happy 20 weeks!" day. He has been so amazing throughout this whole pregnancy, I have never loved or appreciated him more. During my really sick weeks I would come home from teaching to a spotless house and a cooked dinner  every day. For 7 weeks straight he did all the grocery shopping, cleaning and cooking. I love this man. He is going to raise such a kind, caring son. 
We got bored on Saturday and put up our tree. It's only a month early. That's only 30 days people. Stop judging. 
We went up to Snowbird for a weekend in September. It was gorgeous and a super fun.
Here I am currently at 22 weeks.
We went on a cruise to Mexico. It was super fun. Like super duper fun.
We were pretty excited about this whole thang.

October 5, 2012

It's a...

Well, the doc seems to think so too. 
Yay!!! We are so excited!
I've got cars, trains, planes, dinosaurs and all things boy on my mind!

September 10, 2012

Look who will be joining our family in March.
We are so excited!!

September 9, 2012


Dev took me to Wicked at Capitol Theatre. 
It was beautiful and hilarious and the perfect date.

I love that show and I love that man. 

June 14, 2012

My family all met up in San Diego for my niece's baptism. There is nothing better in the world then getting together with my whole family. I can't believe how much my family is growing and how stinkin' cute we are! 

Devin and I went to Capitol Reef the next weekend for a quick little get away. We ate a delicious fire-cooked dinner, played card games in our tent and went on a few beautiful hikes. I love that Devin and I share the same sense of adventure. It has taken us to some amazing places!

June 9, 2012

Pinky Promise

I just finished my first year of teaching. Words can hardy describe how amazing this year has been with my little ones.

On our last day of school I talked to them about how they all were special and that they should never forget it. I made them come up one by one and pinky promise that they would never forget how special they were. It started out with the children giggling, thinking I was so silly. But the room quickly silenced as I softly held each one of their little faces and looked them in the eye and said "You are special. Don't you ever forget it.". It was the loudest silence I ever heard--each child bursting with the knowledge and pride that they were special.  It was an amazing moment we shared together in our little classroom that truly cumulated our year together.

My deepest desire as a teacher is that each student I teach leaves my class truly feeling that they are special and can accomplish anything. I hope that pinky promise we shared stays in their hearts forever and ever. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to spend a year with 22 incredible little ones whom I will forever hope for and love.

April 6, 2012

It Gets Better...

I recognize that not a lot of people read this blog but I had to share this with however few people do read this, because I'm ready to start making a difference, however small it may be.

I don't like to push my opinion onto other people,
 but reality is that this is not just "my opinion" anymore. 

This is happening, things are changing and we need to change too.

 It's time that every LDS member emulates our ultimate example. 
It is not our place to pass judgement but rather to love and embrace everyone as our Savior would.

"Please watch. Please share. And welcome to the Mormon twenty-first century." -Joanna Brooks, RD magazine.

It gets better...but only if we help. 

I am ready to help. 
And I hope someday you will be ready too.