May 26, 2011

Summer, here we come.

 I have been trying to make the most of our scarce and few between "summer" days. 
Devin and I went on a bike ride and played tennis on one sunny day. 
I have been reading outside any chance I get, but if I keep only reading on sunny days, I won't be done with my book (The Help is my current read) till Summer 2020.
And yesterday I went on a bike ride by myself and then played tennis with Devin.

But it hasn't stopped us from getting shave ice at least 3 times a week. We just usually have to eat it in the car, with the heater on. 

Luckily, tomorrow my mom is taking us on one of her hiking adventures, the Black Hole. 
It's part slot canyon, part bouldering, part climbing, and all parts beautiful and fun. At one point, you get lowered into a slot canyon of the most freezing cold water that has never seen the light of day, and you have to swim through it. That's where it gets it's name. 

Wow, describing it makes it seem kind of terrible. 
But it really is fun.

If summer won't come to us, we'll go to summer. 
Summer, here we come. 

Hawaii Day 8

Day 8: Today we left beautiful paradise and it sent us off graciously with a hurricane (not officially a hurricane, but practically. It rained the entire day). We hit up Puka Dogs and Dukes again because when it's raining in Kauai and there is nothing you can do outside, the food still tastes just as good.

It was the trip of a life-time and I loved every minute of it. It was my perfect vacation...a perfect balance of relaxation and adventure, all in a paradise wonderland.

 Here's to next time Hawaii, because we will meet again.

Hawaii Day 7

Day 7: This was the day I was most exciting for, the Napali Coast Tour. We had planned on spending a little (okay, a lot) extra money to go on a really nice catamaran boat tour where they take you snorkeling and touring for over 5 hours. 

To start off the morning, we got up an hour earlier than we normally would've just to go get more banana pancakes from Tip Top. Totally worth it even though it we got up at like 5 am.

On the tour we saw sea turtles, flying fish and a huge group of spinner dolphins that would jump out of the water and do tricks. It was incredible!It was a stormy the whole day (but didn't rain on us!) so the waves were HUGE! We stood at the front of the boat, which was seriously catching air on the waves and our bodies would literally lift off the boat floor. It was so much fun. Everyone on the boat was screaming like it was a Disneyland ride.

When we finally got the coast (it takes about a hour+), we got about a mile in and a woman hit her head and was bleeding, so we had to turn around and go back. I was so disappointed and not in the least bit sympathetic for the dumb woman (she was standing up when she wasn't supposed to when she got hurt and she made us turn around, but yet she was okay enough to be guzzling down beer on the return trip).

Luckily we still got to see part of the coast and have a lot of fun still. Overall it was amazing, but we are going to have to go back to Kauai soon to get the full boat tour. Too bad. (are you making note of this, Devin?).

We also got shave ice at Jo Jo's, which was recommended by everyone and top ranked in our travel book, but was our least favorite of the trip. I blame the dumb woman who ruined our boat tour. 

Hawaii Day 6

Day 6: Today was supposed to be devoted to beach all day, but it rained for part of the day so we didn't get much beach. So we shopped around for souvenirs and then we went and saw Wailua Falls.
Then we went to Li'hue to crash on the Marriot Resort some more where we swam in the pool for a bit and read books on the beach. We also got the most amazing shave ice of the trip...and I didn't even document it.

*So our rental car was this ghetto van. (most tourists are driving mustang convertibles and brand new jeeps). So to fit in, we drove around with both sliding doors open on either side the whole trip. It was so much fun and added to the ghetto ambiance!

To end the night, we went to Kauai Pasta which looks so ghetto on the outside, but we walk in and its the equivalent of Macaroni Grill. Everyone was dressed so nice and we were in our swimming suits. Whoops. But the food was amazing! I also didn't document this event. Fail.

Today was less eventful, but relaxing and fun. 

Hawaii Day 5

Day 5: We went paddle boarding and kayaking on the Hanalei river. Paddle boarding was so much fun, and super easy. The boys had fun chasing and ramming each other in the kayaks and paddle boards and the girls had fun talking about how we willingly married these crazy boys :)

Then we went to the Dolphin Restaurant right along the Hanalei river where I got the most delicious fish tacos I have ever had in my entire life. It should seriously be a crime, how good these tacos were. I had to take a picture with them. Then we went and got shave ice where I discovered the Blue Hawaii (blue raspberry, coconut and vanilla). Ohmygoodness!

Then we went to Secret Beach which was by far the most beautiful beach on Kauai. On one end there is a landscape of a cliff with a lighthouse, and on the other end is a silhouette of a slopping mountain with palm trees and the beach is full of trees and lava pools. It was incredible.

May 22, 2011

Hawaii Day 4

Day 4: We did the Napali Coast hike on the very north shore. It's 2 miles along the coast to a beautiful and private beach and then another 2 miles inland to a waterfall. 8 miles total. I did find myself asking why I was doing an 8 mile hike on a vacation in Hawaii. But everything I saw including the Napali coastline, the secluded beach with caves, and the bamboo forests we hiked through made it worth it!

Then we went to a dirty old Cheveron and got pretty good hamburgers, and tried not to think about the dirty old gas station we got them from! To finish the night we attempted to get shave ice, but it was closed. I was quite upset, as you can see. That's real devastation on my face, folks.

So instead we went and got *even more* amazing gelato from Tropical Dreams. This place is famous and rightfully so!

Hawaii Day 3

Day 3: We went to Kipu Falls in the morning. It was torrential rain the night before so the falls were 3x's as huge and the water was brown. But that didn't change how fun the giant rope swing was. 

Next we headed to Poi'Pu beach and Marriot Resort to do some more pool crashing. We snorkeled some more and relaxed at another beautiful beach resort. 

Then we went and got Puka Dogs (equivalent of Jay-Dawgs, hawaiian style). I officially have two hot dogs I will eat now. They were so delicious with their mango relish! We also got some amazing gelato. 

To finish up the night, we stopped by a beach on our way home (just on the side of the road, not sure of the name) because the waves were huge and we played in the water.