February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Pumpkin!

Today my oldest sister was born and this makes me happy because:

*She is the absolute best dancer you will ever see. In reality she is terrible at dancing that it is absolutely amazing. It will change your life.
*She is the smartest person I have ever met but is very humble about it.
*She has the most beautiful baby boy in the whole world. (Todd, you didn't know I felt this way about you?)
*Pink Sweats
*She is an amazing example to me as I've grow up and I appreciate what a loving and admirable older sister she has been to me! I love you Erin! I am so glad mom birth-ted you.

February 18, 2009

Who am I?

Since recently turning 20, I look back on my younger years and can't help but be proud of the woman I have grown into. I have become especially grateful that I was such an avid journal keeper so I am able to see the progression I have made throughout the years as I look back on those pages. Let's just say, I've made a lot--a ridiculous amount--an embarrassingly huge amount of progression. I think.

Here are a few experts to give you an idea and I'll let you be the judge.
WARNING: These entries are not edited for grammatical errors or content. Viewers discretion advised.

(First journal entry I ever made, first sentence I ever wrote)
My b-day I couldent sleep last night but I slept good.

Well Landon likes I mean loves me now and I love him weve loved eachother for about half of the school year and I loved it. I hope he did to. See heres the story I liked Landon the hole school year and half of the school (the begining) and I tried to hide it but I think I was kind of ovese. . One day Landon said he was going to tell me and paula who he liked we totally thought it was me but then he said it was Paula I felt like my heart was going to stop beating. Then we started to get sereis I huged Landon twice and then we huged for 10 seconds. . .on the last day of school me and Landon were soppsed to hug for 20 seconds but we chickend out.

Me and Landon arent shy anymore we dont even think we just talk.

I dumped landon then for two hole days he was begging me back but I didn't fall for it. Then nathen and paula got together but paula dumped him the day after I dumped landon and so nathan was trying to get me. Then landon decided to like paula and paula likes him and jon decided to like me and so did nathen and I had to chose. Why did I dump Landon? Because weve been togther foever and he was being a jerk! Now we like beat eachothe up! ITS FUN!

Deane is from washingten: I hate her. But Deana says in washingten I look good with a boy named Alex and paula lookes good with a boy named Eric.

Ha ha Ha, lol! Geuss what is so funny, we had another maturation program it was so funny. They are so serouise but its not that big of a deal! I started before thanksgiving!

Today me and Bryster (bryan) went to the PUD park and she had to go PEE-PEE and so she went in the river and it was so funny! And she went in her underwear so we went home and she changed!

After Tyson dumped me I knew I had to get him back. So bryan asked her boyfriend to pretend to be my boyfriend. So I told corey brown (a girl) that the minute tyson dumped me spencer asked me out and I said yes! Corey was running all over telling people! lol! She was like, can I tell tyson? And I was like you mine as well! So it worked like a charm! And when she told him he was like NO! NO! and stormed out of the lunch room and me and spenser we totally cheesing it. And Tyson looks so PEOD and he was so jelouse! So then I "dumped" spencer and told Corey so she could spread it!

I am so happy for once a boy actually likes me, today a kid came up to me and goes I like you. . . I always knew he liked me.

I just have to keep reading that last journal entry and reassure myself that people did like me in my younger years--or at least they did in my delusional state of being. And now I will have to re-enter that state if I have any chance at believing any of you will still like me after reading these journal entries.

XoXo. Write more tomorrow.