August 30, 2011

Ode to Teaching

Here are some stories from the first few weeks of school. My life is a comedy.

Teacher's Pet: I had a student affectionally stroke my cheek with his hand and say, "Your eyes shine like a beautiful star. I will stare into them all day". I gently removed his hand and said I would rather have him do his work all day. "Then that, I shall do" was his response. 

Knife Happy: We were at an assembly with Polynesian dancers and one of my students was in awe the entire assembly.  One of the dances was with swords and before they performed, a dancer announced to the audience that they were real swords and the whole placed "ooohhhed and awwweed". I look over at this student to see his reaction and he is smiling so huge and talking to himself as he says in the most joyous/evil voice "They're gonna kill us all".

Stranger Danger: We were having a mini-lesson on talking to strangers. I read the students a really cute book about not talking to strangers that made this serious topic lighter and fun. I then asked them why this was important. 
First three answers: 
1. They will kill us. 
2. They will stick a bag over our head and throw us in a van. 
3. They will eat us. 

Clearly they are scared--none of them will be talking to strangers anytime soon. Lesson a success? I think so. 

Inspirational Story: I have a student who has trouble focusing and wasn't able to get any work done for the first couple of weeks without 5 second reminders. I did an experiment the other day where I put headphones on this student and had them listen to classical music while they worked on a class project. This student worked for 35 MINUTES STRAIGHT. It was amazing! I seriously teared up as I watched this student working independently and successful complete a project. 

Teaching makes me really happy. The end.

August 1, 2011

Room 103

I started my first week of school and it was super hard but super amazing! 
I put so many hours into setting up my classroom and to finally have students in it is so exciting! 
Our classroom theme is "Be a Star Student" and the classroom decorated in all stars! They get star points, I star gaze for good students, they can be in the Super Star Club, etc! 
Our school was named after the Columbia space ship and we are the "Columbia Astronauts" so I feel like it goes well with the school theme as well!
 I am really proud of it and feel like it has the warm, welcoming, stimulating feeling I was hoping for. 
Welcome to 1st Grade
Classroom Library

Leveled Library

Word Wall
Guided Reading Table
Carpet Area 
We are the "Columbia Astronauts"

Picture Schedule

Find a crayon on the floor? Put it in the junk yard! Missing a crayon? Go to the Junk Yard!

Choo...Choo...Choose to Read (reading train)

Earn a Star Point, get a popcorn scoop. Fill up the jar, get a Popcorn Party! 
This wall has positive things I see students do in the classroom written on the stars

Meet our class pet "Princess Flower", named by the class. They loooooooveee her!

Point to all the words you can read around the room!

Hall Bulletin Board