May 21, 2010

When in San Francisco. . .

When in San Francisco. . .
-Your hotel is built in 1915, is still in beautiful condition, and has complementary dog treats in the lobby
-Buildings are works of art
-You can have an authentic ethnic food experience from anywhere in the world
-Every direction is up hill
-Michelle, DJ, Stephanie, Uncle Jessie, and the rest of the Tanners are learning life lessons nearby
-Even out-houses look classy
-You can hang "I'm pretty busy right now" on your hotel door knob
-Walking the streets wearing the latest fashions is the only way you can fit in
-Roller-blading gangs of 45+ group members ride the streets
-There are entire blocks dedicated to chocolate
-Cup cakes come in every flavor
-Entire walls and buildings are made of earth
-Parks consist of lush gardens and romantic gazebos
-WICKED the Musical will fulfill your life long dream

.....and it will forever remind of how lucky you are because you found a man that will do anything and everything to make your life rich in joy.

6-month anniversaries, picnics, spider swinging, first birthdays, and mission calls

I just wanted to share these life-joys with you.