September 16, 2008

Confessions of a Zoobie...

Dear Blog,

It's been almost a month since my last entry and I owe you an apology. Life has just been so crazy lately but here's the update on it:
So I moved into my Podunk apartment at Liberty Square in P-town. I have a whole 10x10 sq ft. to call my own that I pay $300 a month for. My roommates are awesome--I seriously could not have picked better girls if I tried. They are all older and have taken it upon themselves to take care of me. This care includes coming home to dinner on the table, taking out my trash, doing my laundry, killing spiders, aiding my pursuit of zoobie hotties, and fully appreciating me in all my provocative ways (this mostly involves them videoing me anytime I turn on music or tell a joke or just breathe for that matter)
I also have a great ward! I was given the inspired calling of a "Name Extractor" this last Sunday. Yeah...its great, they sustained me as well as the other 70 people in my ward who got that calling on Sunday. Proud day for the White family.
Oh my gosh! And the best part of my week was when I was going to class on Monday and I was stopped by an African-American (that means he was black) and told "You fly girl, you fly." I thanked him sincerely and as soon as he was out of sight I pulled out my handy pocket "slang dictionary" (also available online at and was pleased to find out that I am:
1. Very good, excellent, COOL.

So life is good as you can see! Write again soon.

Love, Lauren.