April 6, 2012

It Gets Better...

I recognize that not a lot of people read this blog but I had to share this with however few people do read this, because I'm ready to start making a difference, however small it may be.

I don't like to push my opinion onto other people,
 but reality is that this is not just "my opinion" anymore. 

This is happening, things are changing and we need to change too.

 It's time that every LDS member emulates our ultimate example. 
It is not our place to pass judgement but rather to love and embrace everyone as our Savior would.

"Please watch. Please share. And welcome to the Mormon twenty-first century." -Joanna Brooks, RD magazine.

It gets better...but only if we help. 

I am ready to help. 
And I hope someday you will be ready too.


Mama White said...

Love you! Mom

Erin said...

love you laur - thanks for posting

Scott and Marissa said...

This is great, I appreciate so much that we are brining this issue out of the dark in our church!

Bryan said...

Reag was telling me about this yesterday, good video

patdwhite said...

love you little princess.

Lizzy said...

Hey Laur! I haven't blogged much lately but just stumbled upon yours and was intrigued by this. Its definitely important that we love and support people who struggle with gay tendencies, while still remembering that ACTING upon those tendencies will always be a sin. The church's stand on that will never change, but the ways in which we help and support will continue to get better.

Katie said...

You know how I feel :) Favorite line from general conference: "Don't judge me because I sin differently than you." Thanks for helping me remember to love everyone!!