August 21, 2009

The D(evin)L(auren)

This is the story of Devin and Lauren. Prepare to keep up folks, it's a long and complicated one.
It goes kinda like this:

We meet. . .

(clearly, we were both in pretty bad shape before we met each other)

We like each other (day 1, week 1)
We really like each other (week 2)
We love each other (week 3)We want to marry each other (week 3.5ish.....)
We go ring shopping (1.5 months)
We get engaged (2 months)
We're getting married. November 20th. SLC Temple 10:20 am.

I know you probably finished reading this story, feeling slightly nauseated and maybe even a little worried? I don't blame you. I, however, think it's the happiest, cutest story I've ever read. I think I'll go read it again.


Nikki said...

I'm not gonna lie. I went and read it again. I thought I must have read something wrong and consequently missed the entire "dating" period of the relationship story. I was wrong. So wrong. So typical. So.... can I make it into a book and draw pictures for it and publish it and become a millionaire off it? Please?

Sultan Slayer said...

I see winking is still difficult for you.

However, falling in love on the first day is not.

Love you, you 80s slut.

Kiersten said...

Why am I the one with the book deal??? Clearly you have all of the storytelling talent in the family. I could never have come up with a premise a) that absurd and b) that adorable.

Erin said...

it's not real till i meet him.

Callie and Tyler said...

AHH! Blog buddies for life. Okay I'm seriously so glad I can keep up on the up and comings of your exciting life. Congrats sweetie. I heart marriage! Love you!

Tyler and Sunni said...

AAAAAh! I'm so excited for you babe. I so wish I could come to your wedding.

my cute family said...

Its about the right person..not the "right" timing. :)

(i had plenty of defending myself at 18...!!)

& thank you for the mommy comment. i lovevvveee it. it's what i was born to do. (so i'm finding out anyways) She's the BEST thing that has ever, andi'm convinced will ever happen to me y mi hubby. :)

ps. CONGRATS!!!!!!!

Mandy said...

So fast, but when it's right it's right.
I couldn't be happier for you Lauren.

You make me believe in love.

Iva said...

Congratulations! what a FANTASTIC story!! ....its like a dream come simple, quick, and easy....true love at its best ;)